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Emo girl taking a picture of her tits and pussy in the mirror on her phone

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Her boyfriend sure was happy to get this pix message on his phone of his girlfriend making a retarded face while she rubbed her cunt in the mirror. So happy he even shared it with the internet!

Raven-haired emo taking a selfshot in the mirror

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Her pussy looks beefy and covered in scar tissue from being pounded like a jackhammer with not enough lube, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t pound her like a jackhammer without enough lube.

Beautiful emo girl takes a selfshot of her face and tits

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This picture was most likely sent to her boyfriend, and her boyfriend was most likely a total bro. Thanks, bro. You really understand your priorities… but for your sake I hope you fucked this ho before you posted her titties all over the internet.

Crispy scene teen is thin as fuck and naked in front of a mirror

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She’s probably taking this picture for her boyfriend, which is hilarious because you’re not her boyfriend and you’re looking at it. Thank Allah for naïve little cunts like her.

Thin amateur slut taking a selfshot of her perky tits

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I’d think this girl was hot if it weren’t for her duckface. Instead of appreciating her perky tits, all I can do is smash holes in my walls with my fists out of blind rage… which is the kind of thing I only do when I’m extremely aroused, not just mildly penis-intrigued by her breasts.

Busty teen takes a titty pic for her boyfriend

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Those tits are practically perfect. She basically has the titties of a fat girl, without all the downsides to being fat. Props to her boyfriend for sharing this one.