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Emo teen has perfect tits and is not afraid to show them… to everyone

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Those tits are magnificent, and so are her legs. I’d be willing to bet hard cash that her ass and pussy are magificent, too.

An emo bitch with batman on her phone taking a naked selfshot in the mirror

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I wonder how many pictures this dumb slut took for her boyfriend before he dumped them all onto imgur for everyone in their college to see. Probably dozens. If I find any more, I’ll be sure to post them for you guys.

Two emo sisters making out

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I don’t actually know if they’re sisters, but they could be, so I might as well pretend they are.

Blue haired emo in dog collar showing her massive tits

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Pretty sure I posted this same girl a few weeks ago, in the same bathroom wearing the same dog collar, but covering her tits. Well, here’s a picture of her uncovered tits. You’re welcome.

Gothic seductress is pale as fuck with a beautiful pink pussy

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That’s exactly the skin tone I like to see – so white she almost blends in with the wall. And her pussy is a perfect shade of pink, which is what comes with being extremely white. I’m not racist, I just like pink pussy.

Full bodied emo posing naked for the camera

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This girl has my kind of body – the old fashioned kind of beauty with curves and whatnot. She also looks pretty scared, like she’s being blackmailed into taking this picture, which is pretty hilarious.

Amateur teen girl likes Zelda, World of Warcraft, and having an epic ass

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Is that a triforce I see on her pelvis? There is no better landing strip for a cumshot in the world. And World of Warcraft behind her? Clearly a nerd of epic proportions. Now all she needs is a nice ass and she’s perfect.

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Yep, she’s perfect.

Emo girl taking a picture of her tits and pussy in the mirror on her phone

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Her boyfriend sure was happy to get this pix message on his phone of his girlfriend making a retarded face while she rubbed her cunt in the mirror. So happy he even shared it with the internet!

Blue haired emo teen has perfect perky tits

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If I had tits like those, I’d be taking naked selfshots and sending them to all of my friends too. This girl looks way to young and thin to have tits that epic, and yet there they are.

Edgy looking scene teen posing full frontal nude in front of a mirror

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This scene girl is too edgy for you, and way too edgy for her parents, which is why as soon as she turned 18 she took so many naked pictures of herself that it’s impossible to go to 4chan and not find at least one. At least she has a pretty hot body under that gross-ass face of hers.