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She’s probably taking this picture for her boyfriend, which is hilarious because you’re not her boyfriend and you’re looking at it. Thank Allah for naïve little cunts like her.

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I’d think this girl was hot if it weren’t for her duckface. Instead of appreciating her perky tits, all I can do is smash holes in my walls with my fists out of blind rage… which is the kind of thing I only do when I’m extremely aroused, not just mildly penis-intrigued by her breasts.

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naked scene girls

I typically prefer a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes, but I’ll settle for multicolored hair, blue eyes, and gorgeous tits.

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This amateur teen is either secretly fat and really good at hiding it, or has god-tier legs and ass. Still, you have to wonder why she’s taking a shot of her pussy in the mirror and not spreading her legs. Just seems like a common courtesy that if you’re gonna be taking a twat shot, you should put in a good view.

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I come from a time when to get pictures of hot girls naked, you either had to give them money or convince them that you loved them. Now there seems to be a whole slew of girls who will just throw naked pics at you just as long as you’ll look at them. Needless to say, the internet is a weird place now.

amateur nude pics

Yes, yes… here’s my approval. Have it. Have it all.

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This emo beauty is a goddess of seduction, and is basically perfect from the top of her head to the bottom of her toes. Her nipples are just the right shade of pink, which means her pussy probably is too. For her best quality, I’d have to say her legs. For her worst… the shirt she’s wearing. Not that it’s an ugly shirt, just that it needs to come off.

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Those tits are practically perfect. She basically has the titties of a fat girl, without all the downsides to being fat. Props to her boyfriend for sharing this one.

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